The Q-cape range of high-quality organically-grown potatoes includes several varieties of both floury and waxy potato. Most of these potatoes are grown on Flevoland clay, but to expedite our deliveries, we also work with potato growers in Spain, where excellent potatoes are grown on sandy soils. Q-cape potatoes meet the highest standards in terms of size, colour and unblemished condition. To ensure this, we ourselves conduct quality sampling at the growers’ farms. Like all our products, our potatoes are Skal-certified (NL-BIO-01) to have been grown organically.

Best varieties for each product

Q-cape supplies to the retail and wholesale trades, as well as to the catering industry. We carefully select the varieties for which there is a market demand; this means that our operations are highly demand-oriented and that we, together with our growers, can respond quickly. In terms of waxy potatoes, we are currently very active with the varieties Allians, Almonda and Vitabella, which are ideally suited to baking, among other things. Connect is a floury potato variety, which is better for mash pots.

Delivery to fresh-produce markets in the retail, wholesale and catering industries and gastronomy

Origin: The Netherlands | Egypt | Spain
Packaging: Big bag | 25kg net bag | 10kg net bag | small pack
Grading: 20-35mm | 35-65mm | 65+mm

Delivery to the processing industry: cutting businesses & frozen products

Origin: The Netherlands | Egypt
Packaging: Bulk | 2m3 box | big bag
Grading: 20+mm | 60+mm