Red onion

The hardness, grading, colour and shelf-life of onions are as essential to Q-cape as they are to our customers, so we ensure continuous monitoring and selection for these properties throughout the growing and processing of this organic product. Q-cape source their red onions mostly from the Netherlands, but in order to be able to offer the best product throughout the year, we also maintain good contacts with growers in Spain and Egypt, with whom we set up clearly specified agreements about delivery. Like all our products, our onions are Skal-certified (NL-BIO-01) to have been grown organically.

A distinctive flavour, a tasty product

Red onions are characterised by a mild yet distinctive flavour which makes them eminently suitable for salads. Onions not only add flavour; they also offer many health benefits. We perform crop control, logistics and processing with the utmost care and these are tailored to the customer whenever possible.

Delivery to fresh-produce markets in the retail, wholesale and catering industries and gastronomy

Origin: The Netherlands | Egypt
Packaging: Bigbag | 25kg net bag | 10 kg net bag | smallpack
Grading: 20-40mm | 40-60mm | 50-70mm | 60-80mm

Delivery to the processing industry: cutting businesses, frozen products

Origin: The Netherlands | Egypt | Argentina
Packaging: Bulk | bigbag
Grading: 40+mm | 60+mm