the latest news about Q-cape

Q-cape starts with more automation because of the continued growth of the company.

The last years Q-cape showed a steady growth. At the end of 2019 we went looking for a new software system that can offer a complete package to support and manage all the work, so we have the complete grip of the growth of the company.

After the preparing meeting with different suppliers, we have chosen for I-Fresh. Crucial for us was that I-Fresh has all the financial and commercial parts in one system. The implementation of I-Fresh is up and running and goes step by step.

Directer Leo Stoker: ”Next to the organic Dutch crops like carrots, onions and potatoes are we active with the import from organic pumpkins and sweet potatoes from South-Africa. With the complete package from I-Fresh we like to automate the work. We are busy with the implementation at the moment and we hope to go live at July.