For years we have believed in the opportunities South-Africa has to offer.

Q-cape imports organically grown pumpkins and sweet potatoes from South-Africa.

Q-cape positions these tasty products within the ‘Get a taste of the Organic Cape’ concept, using its own brand names: Cape Orange for the pumpkins and Cape Sweet for the sweet potatoes.

This is what Q-cape stands for

The Cape Orange pumpkins, start of a new season.

The farmers at South-Africa are working hard. The pumpkins are from good quality and the revenue per hectare looks very good this year too. The first containers are on their way to Holland an expect to start packing in January. Because of the location on the southern hemisphere, the fertile… Read More

Q-CAPE now specialising in organic products from South Africa

Dronten-based organics trading company Q-CAPE has realigned its focus. Having supplemented its range of organic potatoes, carrots and onions with South African pumpkins and sweet potatoes in recent years, from this season Q-CAPE will be focusing solely on organic products from South Africa. It’s an approach that’s reflected in a… Read More

Our products

  • The South-African soil is rich in minerals, and crops grown there also benefit from plenty of sun. This combination gives our organic pumpkins a surprisingly rich taste, making them both unique and sought-after in many countries.

  • Organic South-African sweet potatoes, rich in fibre, are a healthy and nutritious product. They contain essential elements such as calcium, iron and vitamins A and C, as well as anti-oxidants and carotene, making them a valuable supplement to any diet.