For years we have believed in the opportunities South-Africa has to offer.

Q-cape imports organically grown pumpkins and sweet potatoes from South-Africa.

Q-cape positions these tasty products within the ‘Get a taste of the Organic Cape’ concept, using its own brand names: Cape Orange for the pumpkins and Cape Sweet for the sweet potatoes.

This is what Q-cape stands for

IFS Broker

IFS Broker certificate

In May, we had our annual, and for us third, IFS audit again. Now we have also received our renewed certificate. It can be downloaded here. IFS stands for International Featured Standards and is a certificate that is especially in demand in the German, French… Read More

Global Gap Chain of Custody Certificate

Q-cape has been re-certified for Chain of Custody certification. The Global Gap Chain of Custody is a certificate for all companies working with Global Gap certified products. CoC certificate stands for “Chain of Custody”. When a customer buys a product with a CoC certificate, the customer knows that the supplier’s… Read More

Start of a new season

This month we start our new season of organic products from South-Africa. In cooperation with our farmers are we ready to start a new season with organic pumpkins and sweet potatoes. The plots are looking very nice. We expect the products will be from outstanding quality. At the moment the… Read More

Our products

  • The South-African soil is rich in minerals, and crops grown there also benefit from plenty of sun. This combination gives our organic pumpkins a surprisingly rich taste, making them both unique and sought-after in many countries.

  • Organic South-African sweet potatoes, rich in fibre, are a healthy and nutritious product. They contain essential elements such as calcium, iron and vitamins A and C, as well as anti-oxidants and carotene, making them a valuable supplement to any diet.