Quality organically-grown products

Q-cape supplies top-quality organically-grown carrots, onions, pumpkins and potatoes all year round to retail and wholesale businesses and to the catering industry. We can also help you with the processing and logistics for both small and large batches. As a trading company based in Flevoland, we have plenty of market experience, and we can make a real difference in the food chain thanks to our expertise and the reliability of our deliveries. All our products and processes are subject to a quality protocol.

Organically grown carrots

Organically grown carrots are a versatile and tasty product. Q-cape supplies the best and finest carrots all year round. Good quality starts with a good contact with the grower. Most of our carrots are grown on Dutch soil, but we also work with growers in Spain and England; growing areas with very different climates, but both relatively close to home. Like all our products, our carrots are Skal-certified (NL-BIO-01) to have been grown organically.

Centre of the chain

‘We are situated at the centre of the organic chain and familiar with all the possibilities, so we can serve our customers better’.

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E: info@qcape.nl


Quality comes first with Q-cape. That is why we test our products and processes on the basis of a quality protocol. We believe in a sustainable future, and we ourselves also take responsibility in that context.

A Q-cape tour

There is a lot of activity in the field throughout the year: planting in spring-time, growing the crops, harvesting and storage. With our ‘Q-cape tour’ we can take you into the fields to show you how our products are grown and processed. We also like to share our stories about the various things – both great and small – that make every season so special.


Visit harbour Rotterdam

The peak season for the Cape Orange pumpkin is coming up! In preparation for this busy season we haven made a visit to the harbour… Read more

Proud of our growers

We are proud of our growers, and in collaboration with our partners we meet the challenge of supplying high-grade organically-grown products. We feel that sustainable relationships are more important than short-term profits, and personal contacts are key, because we always like to know exactly who we are doing business with. We have found that this way of working always results in a tasty and honest end product.