A unique pumpkin in terms of taste, shape and colour


The South-African soil is rich in minerals, and crops grown there also benefit from plenty of sun. This combination gives our organic pumpkins a surprisingly rich taste, making them both unique and sought-after in many countries.

Q-cape’s organically grown Cape Orange pumpkins are exceptionally tasty. We import them from several growing regions in South-Africa, so the various sub climates involved guarantee favourable growing conditions over a longer period of time. Alongside our established arrangements with our growers, we also visit them frequently to monitor the quality of the growing process. This results in a product that meets our standards for taste, shape and colour. All products are Skal-certified (NL-BIO-01) as having been grown organically.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Q-cape doesn’t just look at the final result; responsible processes and conditions are important to us too. For example, crop cultures are in keeping with European quality standards, and personnel in the South-African businesses benefit from appropriate working conditions. From a logistics perspective, transport times are shorter than those of imports from other parts of the world under similar circumstances.


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Product information

Pumpkins are washed and graded according to weight.
Packaging is tailored to customer requirements.