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About Q-cape

Q-cape supplies top-quality, organically grown pumpkins and sweet potatoes throughout the year to the European retail and wholesale markets and the catering industry. We are also able to help our customers with the processing and logistics for both small and large batches.

As a Flevoland-based trading company, we have wide experience of handling fresh produce, and we make a difference in the food chain by virtue of our expertise and delivery reliability. We apply up-to-date quality protocols to test our products and processes.

South-Africa, that's why

South-Africa, with its fertile soils and sunny climate, is a great area for the cultivation of vegetables. Because South-Africa has a growing season opposite to that of Europe, the seasonal availability of fresh, organically grown produce complements the periods when European products are in short supply.

Proud of our growers

We are proud of our organic growers, and we consider it a challenge to make sure that we and they stand out by providing top-quality products. We also feel that sustainable relationships are more important than short-term profits. By intensively managing a fixed group of professional growers, we can maintain optimum control of taste, quality and volume. This makes us a valuable partner for the European wholesale and retail markets, as well as the catering industry.