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Get a taste of the Organic Cape!

Q-cape is a wholesaler for organic vegetables and fruit. Next to the Dutch products, Q-cape is importer of organic pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

For many years we believe in the opportunities that South-Africa has to offer. Due its location in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of the Netherlands. Not only the climatic location is unique, the soils are rich in minerals, the people are competent, passionate a very helpful. All ingredients for beautiful and tasty products.

Q-cape would like to focus on the tasteful products with their own brand name. Cape-Orange for the pumpkins and Cape-Sweet for the sweet potatoes. These products will be provided by the overall name Organic-Cape. For these brand names we have developed their own recognizable logos. This way Q-cape likes to distinguish these specific products from South-Africa in cooperation with where loyal famer.


The preparations for the new season are in full swing. The pumpkinseeds are sown and the first sweet potatoes plants are planted. For more information, see our website

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