Q-cape’s organically grown Cape Orange pumpkins are a tasty and sustainable product. We import our pumpkins from a number of growing regions in South Africa, where various sub-climates guarantee favourable growing conditions over a longer period of time. In addition to making clear arrangements with the growers, we visit them frequently to monitor the quality of the growing process. The result is a product that meets all our standards for taste, shape and colour. Like all our products, our pumpkins are Skal-certified (NL-BIO-01) to have been grown organically.

Corporate social responsibility

Q-cape not only looks at the end product; responsible processes and conditions are also key. For example, the crop cultures in South Africa are in keeping with European quality standards, and the personnel employed by these South-African businesses are working in proper conditions. The pumpkins are washed and graded in Flevoland. From a logistical perspective, transport times are shorter than those for imports from other parts of the world under similar circumstances.

Product information

Our organically grown Cape Orange pumpkins are available in either red or green.

Delivery to fresh-produce markets in the retail, wholesale and catering industries and gastronomy

Origin: The Netherlands | South Africa
Packaging: 14kg net bag | 10kg box
Grading: 400-1,600gr. | 1,600+gr.

Delivery to the processing industry: baby food, frozen products

Origin: The Netherlands | South Africa
Packaging: Bulk | 2m3 box
Grading: 400+gr